(Yet another) Bad day

Just that really.

Lectured at for what seemed like forever. Couldn’t process more than about a quarter of what was being said. Couldn’t make myself heard and the odd word I managed to get in seemed to make things worse.

Spent a fair proportion of today in tears. But at least I managed to not bother too many people. Because that’s what everyone seems to want from me. I’m just not sure I still have the ability to hide.

I’m angry now. Angry with myself that I didn’t, I couldn’t cope better. Angry that I was put in the position of having to cope because someone just didn’t think. Angry that people have to think about how to communicate with me rather than just communicating.

I hate being like this. So at the moment, I hate being me. Aspergers sucks 😒

(And now I feel as though I’m about 14!)


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