The problem with travel (and families)

I’m writing this from a hotel in Barcelona. I enjoy travelling to different countries and being in different environments, even when I find it a little overwhelming. Over the years I’ve come up with different techniques to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible, even before I knew that there was anything different about me.

With my sensory issues, public transport is always going to be problematic. I don’t tolerate noise well, so a station or airport environment is pretty much unbearable for me. I can mitigate it to some extent by using decent noise cancelling headphones but they don’t shut out everything. And don’t get me started on the unfathomable delays, diversions and complete lack of clarity.

but, when I’m travelling on my own, I can normally just about cope.

I wasn’t travelling on my own today. I was travelling with my parents.

Who are not the world’s most sympathetic people. And keep talking at me, and shouting when I say I don’t know the answers or can’t hear what they are saying (it’s actually can’t process rather than can’t hear). And apparently I embarrass them with my actions when I’m desperately trying to avoid a complete meltdown.

At some point I should probably tell them about my diagnosis. But until I am comfortable with my own feelings about this, it’s not the time.

So for now, I’m exhausted and overwhelmed, and not sure how I am going to get through the next two days without a major meltdown. We’ll see…


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