A “did you really just say that” moment

I had intended to write a post about an entirely different aspect of this whole thing today. But, having just finished a conversation with my mother, I really just need a rant.

So the “did you really just say that” moment was that apparently Aspergers is a good thing… BECAUSE LOTS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE HAVE IT. I normally don’t swear in writing, but what the actual fuck?

All she seems to be able to see is that I have something in common with celebrities (allegedly – because at least half the people who she mentioned have never been formally diagnosed). Never mind that I have zero interest in most famous people. Never mind that she hasn’t even asked me what it’s like living with this. She has found a way not to be ashamed and that seems to be what matters to her above all.

It’s something I’ve noticed more widely, as well, since I started – through necessity – looking at this condition. There is a subset of people who seem to think it is a ‘cool’ thing to have. My theory is it’s because there are certain traits that COULD be attributed to Aspergers that have been publicised in the media. And once something is publicised some people will either genuinely identify, or want to be part of a ‘club’. But just because someone is an introvert with somewhat geeky interests it doesn’t necessarily follow that they’re on the spectrum.

What the media doesn’t show is how hard it can be living with this condition day to day. If they showed the reality I don’t think many people would want to join this particular club. I certainly don’t want to be a member. But unfortunately, I can’t resign my membership.


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