Trigger (un)happy

I’m having one of those days where words aren’t coming to me particularly fluently. This may or may not come across in this post. But, just to illustrate the impact, it’s taken me 10 minutes – with multiple edits and deletions – to write these 3 sentences. And I’m more reliant on autocorrect than usual as my typing / spelling also gets worse.

The reason for this is that for some reason I’ve had to keep dealing with my triggers. Think it’s because I’ve had 2 days of having to go to fairly busy environments. One of the main ways I try and manage my condition is to avoid triggers where possible. This means that I can try and avoid overload, anxiety and meltdowns – all situations where I tend to lose my words. But unfortunately it’s not always possible to avoid all my triggers – there are quite a few of them and they touch on fairly normal day to day activities.

List of triggers

  • Noise, particularly percussive noise
  • Last minute meeting cancellations
  • Things being done to me without my input
  • Too many things / inputs at the same time (e.g. people talking over each other)
  • Communication anxieties (‘wrong’ tone of voice; people trying to communicate by changes in facial expression)
  • Leaving things unclear / unfinished
  • Frustration at not being able to communicate
  • Needing to retreat and not being able to

Well, it’s only taken me an hour to complete this post. Hope words come back properly by tomorrow or it isn’t going to be a good day…


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