Baby steps

Very short post today – I’m absolutely exhausted. Although it’s a good exhausted, and I’m feeling quite positive.

Had my first session of autism-specific help today. Think it went OK. Have a couple of new things to try and some homework to do.

I wasn’t sure up until the last minute whether I would be brave enough to actually attend the session. I’ve been questioning everything recently and was scared that this would be yet another challenge that I needed to get through, but that wouldn’t actually help. And if it hadn’t helped, I’m not sure where I would have gone next.

It’s a shame I wasn’t in the right place emotionally to engage with the service months ago. But at least I’m doing it now. And it’s amazing what a weight off my mind having some more support is proving to be.

I’m also realising one of the unexpected bonuses of this condition: getting to play with toys. One of the strategies suggested involves a jar of marbles. Who knows, this may even turn out to be fun!


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