Autism picturebook: people

I’m writing a post in my ‘main language’ today,  as a follow up to this post about how I see people.

I don’t see people in the same way as most people.

I don’t recognise faces and I can’t read facial expressions.

This is how I see myself:

self portrait

I don’t know the shape of my eyes, or nose, or lips. I don’t even know the colour of my eyes (although that’s not to do with autism: they’re just a weird colour). If I see myself in the mirror, I don’t always recognise myself.

This is how I see a large group of people:


If people have distinctive features, I can tell them apart by these features:

small group

But that doesn’t always work. If someone changes their hairstyle, or doesn’t wear glasses one day, I won’t immediately recognise them.

I also use different cues and contexts to know who people are:


It’s all very tiring. No wonder my brain sometimes explodes.



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