A bit of retail therapy

Well, quite a lot of retail therapy actually.

Most of which I can justify as stuff that will hopefully help me manage this condition. That’s one of the unexpected positives: I get to play with fun stuff.

My two favourite finds this week have been:

1) A nail pillow, which I found in Tiger last Saturday. (The nail mat is, however, probably not going to form part of my long term strategy. It hurts.)


2) Wristbands that I can use to indicate whether I’m OK to talk or whether I want to be left alone.


I’m also starting to set up a sensory box (actually a pencil case) with a few different things that I can use as and when I need them.

And I finally managed to get fitted for proper earplugs. Apparently I have difficult ears. That shouldn’t really have surprised me as nothing has been easy so far… But I should get them in a couple of weeks.

I also persuaded myself to buy something completely unconnected with autism – the rather fetching purple nail varnish illustrated in the photo of the wristband. I often used to wear bright nail colours but it’s been years since I’ve taken the time (I stopped when I became ill and my hands first started to look like claws as I felt so self-conscious). It’s a small thing. But it makes me feel a bit more like myself again.

So. A better end to the week. I’ll take that as a success.




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