One small click…

I’m going on holiday next week. I love travel, but always find the journey quite stressful. Airports in particular can be an issue. There is always too much noise; too many people. Someone always pushes into me in the security queue (I’m not that slow, honestly!).

And then there’s the getting on the plane. The anxiety that someone will be sitting in my seat and I’ll have to argue with them. The fear that there won’t be anywhere to put my hand luggage.

I’m also having more meltdowns at the moment, and they’re more destructive than they’ve been in a while. That absolutely can’t happen at an airport, so that causes more stress.

So I’ve managed to get over my pride and book special assistance, which should help with all the things I find most difficult about the journey. I feel guilty, though – as though I’m taking resources from people who need it more than I do. But based on the past few weeks, I just don’t want to risk something going catastrophically wrong.

At least I could do it online. Just one small click. But it feels like a big step into the unknown.


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