A slightly scary day

Normally the only sensory issues that I notice causing me a problem are sound and sight.

Today, I discovered a different sensory issue: one with proprioception.
Specifically, the issue of trying to keep my balance on uneven ground while trying to undertake a rather undulating coastal walk.

I can’t read maps either. Which is probably why I ended up having to navigate an incredibly narrow path (can’t have been more than 18” / 45cm wide) with gorse bush to one side and a sheer drop to jagged rocks on the other. Not a sensible place for me to be. Particularly in high winds.

I couldn’t hold my balance. I fell. And now have over 100 puncture marks in my hand and leg.

If the wind had been coming from the other direction, I wouldn’t be bruised and bloodied from the gorse. I would be dead.

I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t mind the idea of dying. But I don’t think that would have been a ‘good’ death. I think it would have been frightening and painful.

Other than that, I’ve actually coped with my autism fairly well today. Including having to do a few things that I would normally find incredibly challenging. Including an impromptu telephone call and no-notice visitors (housekeeping issues!)

Maybe I’m still in shock…

I did get some good photos, though. Here’s my favourite.

Looking out towards the Calf of Man




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