Everyday challenges: interactive theatre

All right, I’m stretching the definition of ‘everyday’ a bit.

I do like interactive theatre, though, and Brighton Fringe is a great place to see and experience it.

However… it does bring its own challenges for someone with autism. Mainly to do with the interactive bit. I can’t always play nicely with other people. I’m not always in a position where I’m able to interact with the cast. And if someone pushes me to engage, I’m likely to have a meltdown.

This is one of the reasons why I try not to go to these types of things on my own. But yesterday, it was a binary choice: go on my own or don’t go.

And even though there were bits that didn’t quite work for me (someone shouting right next to my ear is always going to hit some of my triggers), I’m glad I went. And my bracelet worked (I think) – at least I wasn’t forced to individually participate! Which wouldn’t have been fun for anyone.

As it was, there was far more enjoyment than endurance. Which makes a nice change.

And if anyone’s near any of the tour dates, I can thoroughly recommend this show: http://www.thejohnrobertson.com/thedarkroom/

I also got a T-shirt that I was very tempted to wear to my therapy session today.


Maybe next time…


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