Obsessions and bad cover versions

Obsessions are strange things.

Sometimes they can be helpful: distracting, soothing, comforting. I can lose myself for hours.

Other times, they are extremely unhelpful.

That’s where I find myself at the moment. I’m stressed and unhappy. I’d normally try and find solace in one of my obsessions. I really wanted to spend a day reading today. But unfortunately, one of my obsessions – and what I’d be reading – is murder-mysteries. Which is… probably unhelpful, considering.
So I’ve been trying to focus on other obsessions instead, just to try and keep myself occupied. But it hasn’t been altogether successful. I’m having a bad day with audio processing so listening to music isn’t really helping that much. I’ve been playing a bit – but my fingers are still really sore from the concert on Saturday (five hours of having to apply significant pressure to metal strings will do that), so I’ve only been able to play for an hour or two. I keep running out of energy on the computer games I’ve got loaded.

But all I really want to do is lose myself in a few good books.

I have rediscovered a couple of my favourite songs, though. Which I wanted to share with people. But… I can’t find them on YouTube. So I decided to record my own versions. (Please ignore the quality of the singing, guitar and recording. If I could have found better versions to link to, I would have done!)

This song is exactly how I feel at the moment:

And this one makes me feel calmer when I am down:


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