100 posts and counting

I didn’t think when I started this blog that it would get to 100 posts.

Although I haven’t had a blog before, I’ve started numerous offline diaries and have always given up after about 3 entries.

So I thought it might be a good time to reflect on some things.

I started this blog when I was struggling to accept my diagnosis. I genuinely thought, at the time, that someone was going to turn around to me and say there’s been a mistake. I didn’t know – and still don’t – whether that would be a good or bad thing. As time has gone on, and particularly since I’ve met more people who share this condition, it’s clear that that isn’t going to happen. And I’ve just about accepted that.

I still struggle to accept the implications of the diagnosis. I still struggle with the changes that a single word has led to. And I don’t quite know how I will cope with the changes that are still to come.

I hope that things will get easier at some point over the next 100 posts. I hope that I will feel the need to write fewer posts from a place of absolute despair and isolation.

That may prove to be a triumph of hope over expectation. We’ll see.

I wanted, though, to link to some of my favourite posts. Some deal with autism directly. Some are more around my state of mind. They may not be the best-written posts, but I think they are the ones that represent me best so far.

A Cinderella story
8 things I wish people knew about me
Was hoping things would be easier by now
Minding my language
The earth and other minor things
Swallowing my pride
Worst day this year
ASD: a (very) personal guide
Behind the mask
Some thoughts on World Autism Awareness Day
Trying to find my balance
Changing the script
Autism in different eras

And finally some facts and figures.

In 100 posts (including this one) I have written 40,177 words in total.

The shortest post is 74 words and the longest 1298 words, with a median post length of 373 words.

I could go into more detail about the number of views, most popular pages etc. But it’s not about that for me (although I am glad that there are some people out there reading my random musings! It makes me realise that I’m not completely raging into the void, despite the title of the blog.). It’s been interesting, as much as anything else, for me to look back on the last 8 months or so and see what’s changed and what hasn’t.


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