A very geeky post about earplugs

Warning: earplug photos at the end

I don’t know what it says about my life at the moment that finally getting the earplugs I ordered about 2 months ago is the highlight of my day.

The timing’s actually very good – I’m supposed to be going back to work on Monday, so hopefully they’ll help in just dulling the noise of my open-plan office.

And they’re very cool. Well, I think they are anyway! They’re moulded to fit my weirdly-shaped ears and have interchangeable filters to block out variable amounts of noise. They’re also a rather nice shade of teal and the interchangeable filters look a bit like a snorkel. Even without the filters they seem to block out quite a bit of noise.

More importantly, I’ve been trying them out in front of the television and they actually seem to work. Particularly with the higher noise reduction – I can play the cello with them in, still hear what I am playing and ignore the television. I haven’t yet tried playing the trumpet with them: that may have to wait until tomorrow (as I have only just remembered I have a trumpet, and I don’t think my neighbours would be too impressed if I started playing it, unmuted, at 8.30 in the evening).

Anyway, I thought I’d post some pictures.

Firstly, here’s a gratuitous picture of a sunset, taken a few weeks ago in Haywards Heath. Those of you with a nervous disposition should probably look away after this…


Right, so here are the earplug pictures (the penny is just to show size):

Left earplug without filter fitted
Filter / very small snorkel 😉
Left earplug complete with filter

I’ll probably post something on Monday about how I find them in a more challenging environment…


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