Running out of words

I am not writing the post I meant to write today.

I have the post in my head, all ready to go. But I can’t translate the pictures in my head into words on the screen at the moment.

I’ve been struggling with that all week. It’s worse with speech. I find myself in the middle of sentences, not knowing how I got there or what words to choose to get myself out of the linguistic cul-de-sac.

(Cul-de-sac always makes me think of French hobbits.)

But this is exactly what I mean. I write or say something, and immediately my mind makes different images, unrelated to what I am trying to communicate.

I don’t know why this is happening again.

I have been particularly anxious this week and am trying to hide it. That could be one reason.

I am still uncertain about where I am going to live in 3 months’ time. That could be another reason.

I am scared that this all means that I am building up to having a really bad meltdown. Which can’t really happen with my parents visiting this weekend.

I hope to be able to write the other post at some point this weekend. We’ll see…


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