Not-quite-everyday challenges: Moving

I finally exchanged contracts on Friday, so that means that I’m definitely moving. On 4 October I will get the keys to my own flat (well, majority owned by the bank at the moment. But mine as long as I keep making the mortgage payments).

Which is a good thing.

I need my own space, where I am in control over who comes in and who doesn’t. Where I’m living currently is very nice, but it isn’t mine and I have always been aware that my tenure here could be terminated. (I’m dreading the inevitable viewings by prospective tenants. I don’t want them to happen, but can’t refuse. I’m trying not to think about that too much)

I’ll be able to have a proper sensory / chill out room. That’s something I’ve been wanting for a while and I’ve already started buying stuff for it.

I’ve been struggling all summer because there are a group of children almost constantly playing outside when they aren’t at school. And they play loudly. Near-continual screeching and / or skateboarding. I have found the noise very difficult to cope with. My new place will have some traffic noise, but I’m able to tolerate that.

So it’s definitely a good thing. It doesn’t particularly feel like it at the moment, though.

I don’t handle change well. And this is a huge change.

I have issues with organisation and sequencing. It’s all to do with how my executive function works (this blog explains it far better than I can).

And due to issues beyond my control, I’m having to sort all of this out myself. Which is not exactly what I had planned when I first started the process.

I hope that the strategies I have in place will be enough to get me through this.

I have to-do lists all over my current flat and more on my computer.

I am trying to pace myself. I am resting when I start to become overwhelmed. But that, in itself, makes it harder to plan. I’m used to pushing myself through; to being right up against a deadline; to expend tomorrow’s energy as well as today’s.

This time, I’m trying to do things differently. So far, it’s working. I haven’t sorted out as much as I wanted to. But I’m not exhausted; I will be able to do some more tomorrow. And I have managed to avoid meltdown. So I’m counting that as a victory, at least for today.

I just have to do it all again tomorrow…


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