A side-order of philosophy with lunch

It’s been a while since I used an analogy. But I thought of something as I was buying lunch a couple of days ago.

I have some pretty major issues around food, mainly because there are some textures and flavours that I can’t physically force myself to eat. Unfortunately, this lets out most of the standard sandwich options (mayonnaise or that kind of dressing is on my ‘do not touch’ list!).

To get around this, I normally bring in lunch. But I’d forgotten to pick up the correct bag (my morning routine has about reached its limit of tasks I can undertake) so I didn’t really have that much choice.

So as I was standing there, trying to find the best option of the two or three things that I could actually eat, it struck me that this was actually a pretty good metaphor for my life at the moment.

I can’t have what I really want. I’ve done the figures and it just doesn’t work.
There are some things that I cannot tolerate.

But in between those extremes, there are different choices that are – if not appetising, then at least palatable.

There are going to be compromises, some of which are forced upon me and some of which I actively choose, because of both who I am and the condition with which I live.

It’s a matter of selecting the best from the options available, not trying to get something that isn’t, at least at the moment, going to be possible. Because if I keep on trying to get to the ideal solution, then all I am doing is continuing to make myself unhappy by wanting something that’s out of reach, rather than trying to be content with what I have.

The problem is that I don’t know what the best option is. And, unlike lunch, you don’t get a second chance the next day.

Now the obligatory link to this song:


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