The joys of (self) publishing

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now. And it’s something that I want and intend to continue to do.

However, I also wanted to do something to draw a line under the last year or so – a year that has been one of the most challenging that I have ever known. So I decided to take some of my blog entries and turn them into a book.

I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s probably the definition of a vanity project: it’s certainly never going to win any prizes for fantastic writing or telling a particularly interesting story. I’ve no idea whether it’s even particularly readable! But it’s great to have something that I can hold in my hand and think “I made this”.

And it’s helped me mentally move on from many of the events of the last year. And, just for that, the whole frustration with the self-publishing process has been worth it.

There were a number of reasons why I chose self-publishing. Firstly, because I actually wanted it to happen; I doubt whether there’s anything that would have interested a traditional publisher. Secondly, because I wanted to retain more control. Because the writing is so personal, having someone criticise and edit would, I think, have been too hard for me to deal with. I also wanted to be able to write under a pseudonym (I just changed my surname, it didn’t feel right to change my first name), as I don’t really want family or future employers to be able to easily find this!

There have been some frustrations. The ebook was fairly straightforward but it’s taken me several attempts to be happy with the print version. (One tip for anyone else doing this: convert the file into PDF format yourself as the issue for me is that I was formatting the Word document correctly but then when it was being turned into a print-ready file the formatting changed and the page breaks were in completely the wrong place).

But it’s done, and I’m happy with the outcome.

Now I just have to think about what to write next 🙂

And in case anyone’s interested, the ebook and physical book can be found here ( Also apparently on iBooks now and should be on Amazon soon.


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