Rules are not made to be broken

I thought I had this whole travelling thing sorted out.

The arrangements that I made for the flight worked well to reduce stress – a brief period of anxiety when the priority boarding didn’t happen, but otherwise it’s probably the best experience I’ve had at an airport.

The transfer to the hotel also went smoothly, although I did have a bit of a sinking feeling when the driver seemed like he was going to be chatty.

And the hotel itself is nice. But – the other guests keep breaking the rules. And I don’t quite know how to deal with that.

Two examples. First, when I was waiting for my room to be ready I thought I’d sit in the sun with a drink. Found the clearly-signed non-smoking section – and there were people smoking. That’s been the case all afternoon. The hotel staff are trying to police it, to be fair, but they can’t be there constantly. It’s doubly hard for me to accept that behaviour because a) they are Breaking The Rules and b) cigarette smoke is one of the things to which I’m hypersensitive.

Second, the hotel information clearly states that the speciality restaurants must be booked at a certain location between 7.30 and 10am on the day you wish to use them. No. They are taking bookings in advance. At least I found that out before they were all fully booked for the time I’m here – but now I’m breaking the rules and I don’t like it.

I genuinely don’t know why people bother to have rules if they’re not going to be enforced. (And, no, I can’t just go with the flow. I like to know what the rules are.)

Still, I’m on holiday and the sun has been shining.

And here’s a photo I took from the plane. I think it’s of the Alps…



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