How not to deal with unexpected problems

I should be on the way to the airport right now.

I’m not.

Mix up with dates. Dates confuse me. Sure I selected the right date online but for some reason came through wrong – and neither I nor the person who checked the transfer docs earlier in the week noticed.

Had to try to make a phone call to sort it. But I couldn’t speak or explain on the phone. Had to end the call unresolved. (I don’t think that’s what people understand sometimes – it’s not just that I dislike speaking on the phone, I literally can’t sometimes).

Very, very close to a meltdown I managed to speak to the hotel receptionist and explain. Who was lovely and who has, I think, sorted it out.

I am still shaking. Can’t stop stimming and everyone is staring. Not helped by having to deal with sensory overload in the reception area. I will just be glad to get to the airport now.

I am not going anywhere again where I don’t either have transfers included or can get public transport.


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